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              2. Group Registration of Works on an Album of Music

                两人牛牛The U.S. Copyright Office is proposing a new group registration option for musical works, sound recordings, and associated literary, pictorial, and graphic works contained on an album. This option will be known as “Group Registration for Works on an Album of Music” or “GRAM.”

                The proposed rule may be used to register up to twenty musical works or twenty sound recordings contained in an album, if the works are created by the same author or have at least one common author and if the claimant for each work in the group is the same. In cases where the sound recording and musical work share a common author, one sound recording and one musical work will count as a single work for the purposes of the group’s twenty work cap, notwithstanding the fact that a sound recording and the work embodied in that recording are separate works. This proposed rule will also permit the registration of associated literary, pictorial, and graphic works in the album authored or owned by the claimant, such as cover art, liner notes, and/or posters.

                两人牛牛Under the proposed rule, applicants will be required to submit their claims through the electronic system using the Standard Application. If the claim includes one or more sound recordings the applicant should select the Standard Application designated for a “Sound Recording.” If the group includes musical works but does not include any sound recordings, the applicant should select the Standard Application designated for a “Work of the Performing Arts.”

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